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Classes in Balinese Music, Dance, and Puppetry – Berkeley, Jan-May 2012

“Each season, Gamelan Sekar Jaya offers a series of classes & workshops in both music and dance at our banjar community center and studio. Master Balinese artists-in-residence and senior company members utilize traditional Balinese hands-on teaching methods. Bali’s core values of balance, harmony, and interdependence are evident in both music, dance, and theater, and in their close coordination. See what’s in store for this season!!”

Classes offered: Beginning Gamelan Workshop: Angklung, Gamelan Bamboo Jegog Class, Balinese Dance Classes , Bali Kids, Gamelan Gong Kebyar Class

  • WHERE: GSJ’s Banjar (Community Center)
    3023 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
  • WHEN: Jan-May 2012
  • HOW MUCH: $65-$95 (some offer drop ins)
  • MORE INFOhttp://gsj.org/classes

Seeds of Resilience: Women on the Frontlines of Climate Solutions – Berkeley, 12/6/11

Seeds of Resilience

“This will be a personal report back on the unique 2011 India Women, Food Security and Climate Change Training, which is a collaboration of WEA and our Indian partner, Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group. We will shine the light on real heroines of our time, who are striving in the face of climate change by ecologically managing their farms and natural resources, asserting their rights as farmers and building the leadership of other rural women.

*Featuring Buddhist scholar and teacher Joanna Macy.

*Listen to personal stories and accounts of how women farmers truly hold the key to food and economic security in communities across India
*Enjoy savory Indian snacks and live classical Indian music.”

Filipino Oral Histories and Traditions: Blast from the Past – Berkeley, 3/27/11

Celebrate history with live music, special guest speakers Evelyn Luluquisen, Luisa Penaranda, Ellie Luis, and Vangie Canonizado Buell, free food and more! Presented by FAHNS, MCC, and PAA.


Race, Disability, and Popular Performance in the 19th century; UC Berkeley, 3/11/11

A symposium in conjunction with the premier of Philip Kan Gotanda’s play I Dream of Chang and Eng in the UC Berkeley Department of Theater, Dance, and Perormance Studies that uses the story of  Chang and Eng Bunker—the original
“Siamese twins”—as a starting-point to explore issues of race, disability, and popular performance in the United States in the 19th century.


I Dream of Chang and Eng, by Philip Kan Gotanda, opens 3/4/11 at UC Berkeley

Philip Kan Gotanda’s newest play about the original Siamese twins, Chang and Eng Bunker.

“Arguably the first Asian-American superstars, Chang and Eng were born in Siam and spent their early lives as a touring “freak” exhibition. Charismatic and canny, they bought out their contract and toured themselves around the world, advising the king of Siam and carousing with the English aristocracy before settling down on a Southern plantation, marrying sisters and fathering 21 children between them. Gotanda’s script illuminates the Bunker brothers’ extraordinary saga, showing their keen business sense, indomitable spirit, and the touching relationship between the two brothers, making I Dream of Chang and Eng a powerful and moving portrait.”

WHERE: Zellerbach Playhouse
WHEN: March 4-13, 2011, Fri & Sat 8pm, Sun 2pm
HOW MUCH: $10 students, $15 general
MORE INFOhttps://www.ticketturtle.com/index.php?theatre=tdps

It’s going to be a great show. I can tell you that firsthand. Highly, highly recommend you go see it.  And I’m not just being biased because I’m assistant to the playwright. =)

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Fred Korematsu Day celebration – Berkeley, 1/30/11

“The first Fred Korematsu Day. Featuring keynote speaker Reverend Jesse Jackson, spoken word artist Beau Sia, as well as a video tribute from Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison. Special guests include Karen Korematsu, California Assembly Members Warren Furutani and Marty Block, and emcee Sydnie Kohara of CBS5.”

Who was Fred Korematsu? “In 1942, at the age of 23, he refused to go to the government’s incarceration camps for Japanese Americans. After he was arrested and convicted of defying the government’s order, he appealed his case all the way to the Supreme Court. In 1944, the Supreme Court ruled against him, arguing that the incarceration was justified due to military necessity.”


Taiwanese Playwright Stan Lai comes to UC Berkeley, 1/18/11

Weaving Local Stories into Epic Theatre: On “The Village” and the Preservation of Collective Memory.

“The Village” (Chinese Baodao Yicun) is one of the most celebrated plays of the recent Chinese Theatre. Writer-Director Stan Lai will be on campus to talk about the unique process he used to create this work, weaving personal stories and using improvisation as a creative tool. In a changing national and cultural context, he will also discuss the role of theatre, film and other cultural forms as vehicles for preserving fragile collective memories. Stan Lai is a unique cultural figure in the modern history of Taiwan, lauded by many as the father of modern Taiwanese theater. He is also a key player in and commentator upon the current “cultural turn” of contemporary China.


SF Ethnic Dance Festival auditions – Jan. 8-9 and 15-16

Performance groups representing cultures from all over the world have 10 minute auditions for the chance to perform at the SF ethnic dance festival. Tickets cost $10 and you get in-and-out privileges all day.

  • WHERE: Zellerbach Hall, UC Berkeley
  • WHEN: Jan. 8-9 and 15-16, hours vary–mostly between 10am-7pm
  • HOW MUCH: $10/day, free for children 12 and under
  • MORE INFO: http://www.worldartswest.org/main/tickets.asp; for a schedule of the dance companies click here


I Dream of Chang and Eng: Workshop Reading, TOMORROW 11/22, 7pm, Berkeley

A staged reading of Philip Kan Gotanda’s latest play, “I Dream of Chang and Eng,” based on the original Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker.

I’m reading stage directions for it! 😉 So I actually have a sizable amount of lines, surprisingly.

— joy


Theatre Rice! show, proceeds go towards Philippine Studies at UC Berkeley – 11/12-11/13

Asian American student theater group at Berkeley (that I was in for 2.5 years!) They’re giving a portion of the proceeds to COMPASS, Committee for Philippine Studies, and it’ll go directly to maintaining Philippine Studies and Filipino language at UC Berkeley!

  • WHERE: Zellerbach Playhouse, UC Berkeley
  • WHEN: Fri-Sat, 11/12-11/13, 7:30 p.m
  • HOW MUCH: $5 presale, $7 door
  • MORE INFO: theatrerice.com