SF/Bay Area

East Bay

Eastwind Books – A great resource for Asian and Asian American books. All of the Asian American Studies professors at Berkeley order their textbooks from here to make sure they stay in business. They always have some sort of reading or author event going on.

Oakland Asian Cultural Center – They’ve ALWAYS got something going on here… Chinese, Philippine, Mongolian folk dance classes, Korean drumming and dance classes, martial arts, language, visual arts you name it. Located in the heart of Oakland Chinatown.

Oakland Chinatown – Much different character than SF Chinatown. A lot calmer, less tourist-y.

Oakland Chinatown Library – It’s got a special emphasis on its Asian and Asian American collections. Entire aisles dedicated to just the Philippines, or just Vietnam. Amazing! Loudest library you’ll ever visit, but just wonderful. A real community library.

UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies Library – Another jewel. Such a comprehensive collection. It’s great to just sit here and read for hours.

San Francisco

APOP Hawaiian Cultural Center – Featuring workshops, classes, cultural events, and an annual lu’au.

  • 423 Baden Avenue
    South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • Phone: (650) 588-1091
  • Email: info@apop.net

Arkipelago Bookstore – A Filipino bookstore located in the Bayanihan Community Center in SF. Nicest owner ever and very passionate about the store and its contents. They have lots of book events here.

Asian Art Museum – “One of the largest museums in the Western world devoted exclusively to Asian art.”

Bayanihan Community Center – Serving the bay area Filipino community. (My friend’s family built this place, wow! – jr)

Chinatown – The largest Chinatown outside of Asia and the oldest one in North America. There’s always some sort of event going on here though.

Japantown – “The Japan Center and the adjacent blocks of Japantown are home to scores of shops and restaurants, non-profit community organizations, two hotels, and a variety of other businesses that provide a wonderful opportunity for visitors and locals alike to explore and experience the customs and culture of Japan right in the heart of The City.” (their events page here)

SF Public Library – it’s HUGE! and awesome!

  • Filipino American Center – a room of pure awesomeness. Nothing but Filipino and Filipino American books and periodicals to be seen. My idea of heaven. (jr)

San Jose

Japanese American Museum of San Jose

  • 535 North Fifth St. San Jose, CA 95112
  • Phone: (408) 294-3138
  • Email: mail@jamsj.org

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