Comments or questions? Want to let us know about an event that you’ve heard about? Want us to feature your event, restaurant, business, or show, gallery, etc?

Email us with all the juicy details at contact.somekindofasian [AT], or fill out the form below!

2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi ladies,

    Thanks for putting together this site!

    On December 2nd is an awesome OC open mic event called “Common Ground.” You can find info about them on Facebook by searching “Common Ground.” First Thursdays in Santa Ana at the VAALA space.

    I work with Tuesday Night Project and 1st&3rd Tuesday Night Cafe will be starting up again in Little Tokyo in April 2011.

    Also there’s One Imagination in Long Beach. Their “Break The Silence Open Mic” returns in January.

    Keep keep keep it up!

    Oh, also, did you know that there’s a “Contact” Plug In you can activate so that people can send you email from this page? Check it out in your WP Dashboard sidebar.



    p.s.– Feel free to delete this comment!

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