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Deadline to Register for Congressional Gold Medal – San Jose, 11/16/11

Congressional Gold Medal

If you, a family member or friend is eligible for the Congressional Gold Medal and you can go to the San Jose ceremony, PLEASE register by 11/16/11! They are looking for WW II veterans who served in the 100th / 442nd or MIS.

“Congressional leaders have awarded the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) to the U.S. Army’s
100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team (RCT) and the Military Intelligence
Service (MIS) for their extraordinary accomplishments in World War II. The National Veterans
Network has been designated as the entity that will plan and execute the Congressional Gold
Medal ceremony and associated events on November 2, 2011 in Washington, D.C.

The Japanese American Museum of San Jose (JAMsj), in conjunction with Congressional Represent-
atives Zoe Lofgren, Mike Honda and Anna Eshoo, the San Jose Chapter of the Japanese American
Citizens League (JACL), the Friends and Families of Nisei Veterans (FFNV), and local VFW Post
9970 are planning a local ceremony in San Jose, CA. This event will be for veterans and their
families, as well as widows or families of veterans, who are unable to attend the ceremony in
Washington, D.C.

The San Jose event is being planned to take place in February 2012. Please check this website
periodically for the date, time and location of the San Jose ceremony (please note that the date
mentioned above in the banner heading is not the date of the ceremony, as it could be held any
time during early 2012—probably February, but possibly as soon as January or as late as March).”


We’re pleased to announce our new Twitter presence. Follow @SomeKindofAsian! Details of an upcoming promotional contest coming soon… ooh la la!      

Exploring the Japanese Garden: Tree Trimming

Exploring the Japanese Garden: Tree Trimming

“Tree trimming specialist Dennis Makishima has pruned over 10,000 trees, conducted 200 pruning projects, and taught 500 workshops across the United States and abroad. Makishima will show audience members the “Way of the Maple” as he shares his craft of tree trimming and of balancing nature with horticultural science, as well as the creative process.

This program is suitable for beginning tree trimmers, trimming aficionados, and Japanese garden fans alike.”

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P.S. Thanks to Thomas Tan for designing our beautiful logo! He’s currently working on designing a header for us as well. Check out his portfolio and his blog about fight films!

Gay Asian Pacific Support Network White Ball 2010: Holiday Party and Toy Drive

I’m not sure if it’s exactly a fundraiser, but it does involve a toy drive. All the toys from the toy drive will go toward the Asian Youth Center. According to GAPSN, “All toy donations will benefit underprivileged children/youth at Asian Youth Center, a nonprofit agency serving the social service needs of Asian immigrant families.” Plus, there will be hors d’oeuvres, pasta dinner, raffles, and a bachelor auction, along with admission to Micky’s for the rest of the night after the ball. Hey, who doesn’t wanna give toys to little kids?

TAYO Literary Magazine Release Party

Last night, Sheena and I went to the TAYO Literary Magazine Release Party, where the 2nd annual edition of this magazine, whose aim is “bringing the Filipino-American community together through the arts. We empower Filipino-Americans through creative forms of expression, such as poetry, essays, photography, paintings and drawings.” (from their website) They also accept work from non-Filipinos/Filipino Americans. It was really cool! People there were really nice and stuff. The print magazine looks really nice, and the writing and artwork they chose is nothing less than amazing. They also published other works on their online edition. The print magazine is only $10 plus shipping and handling. It’s a really great cause. Check it out!!!


Introducing our newest contributor…

Sheena! She’s one of Eileen’s and my closest friends from high school, and we’re so happy to have her on board. She’s well connected to the South Asian community, but she will also be contributing eeeverything she hears of. The more eyes and ears we have about town, the better.

And now, without further ado, a little more about Sheena:

“Sheena is a bit of a female nomad who enjoys traveling, moving back to her home state, California, after wandering around aimlessly in London, England for a couple of years. An Indian, she also adores monkeys and children and is often referred to as a “hippy”. Sheena describes herself as the “average 20 year old girl really, who just so happens to often be confused for a clinically insane person from time to time. Alright, maybe every day.”

A note about the preponderance of Filipino and Theater events…

Sorry if it looks like that’s all we care about! As I mention on the “About” page, it’s just that I’m a double major in Philippine Studies and Theater, so naturally, those are the events that I am already aware about. However, we are interested in Pan-Asian events and things that are not just theater!

So if you’re aware of any other events or want us to post on anything else, please please let us know! We need eyes and ears everywhere, so any help we could get would be fantastic.


Back from hiatus (mostly)

Also, sorry for the hiatus there. School started for both of us, so we got a bit caught up with that. Can’t promise super frequent updates, but we’ll do our best! Once I graduate, I’ll definitely be able to devote a lot more time to this. =)

– joy

Cool Postsecret

Hey everybody!

I just looked at Postsecret this morning and saw the perfect postcard to encourage Asian Americans who sometimes feel like they don’t belong in either their Asian culture or their American culture. Check it out!