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Seeds of Resilience: Women on the Frontlines of Climate Solutions – Berkeley, 12/6/11

Seeds of Resilience

“This will be a personal report back on the unique 2011 India Women, Food Security and Climate Change Training, which is a collaboration of WEA and our Indian partner, Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group. We will shine the light on real heroines of our time, who are striving in the face of climate change by ecologically managing their farms and natural resources, asserting their rights as farmers and building the leadership of other rural women.

*Featuring Buddhist scholar and teacher Joanna Macy.

*Listen to personal stories and accounts of how women farmers truly hold the key to food and economic security in communities across India
*Enjoy savory Indian snacks and live classical Indian music.”

Community Visionaries: Visual Communications and the Dawn of Asian Pacific American Cinema, Screening and/or Brunch Reception – LA, 12/4/11

Dawn of APA Cinema

“Join us for a special brunch reception honoring Visual Communications’ founding members Duane Kubo, Robert Nakamura, Alan Ohashi, and Eddie Wong, who will be joined by VC mainstay Alan Kondo, at the Chop Suey Café in Historic Los Angeles Little Tokyo on Sunday, Dec. 4, 2011 starting at 11:00 AM. Then, join us and our guests as we screen a selection of newly-restored Visual Communications classics as part of our special program Community Visionaries: Visual Communications and the Dawn of Asian Pacific American Cinema, at the Downtown Independent starting at 2:00 PM.

Community Visionaries will feature a selection of groundbreaking Visual Communications “classics,” all restored through the Academy Archives and presented here in brand-new 16mm film prints. Additionally, Visual Communications founders Duane Kubo, Robert Nakamura, Alan Ohashi, and Eddie Wong will be joined by VC mainstay Alan Kondo to share with the audience their experiences producing community-based media for a “back-yard” project that evolved into a revered community and national institution.”

Films to be screened:
Wong Sinsaang (1971, 16mm, b/w, sound, 12min.)
Directed by Eddie Wong

Manzanar (1971, 16mm, color, sound, 14min.)
Directed by Robert Nakamura

City City (1974, 16mm, color, sound, 11min.)
Directed by Donna Deitch and Duane Kubo

I Told You So (1974, 16mm, b/w, sound, 18min.)
Directed by Alan Kondo

Cruisin’ J-Town (1975, 16mm, color, sound, 22min.)
Directed by Duane Kubo

JANM Target Free Family Saturday – LA, 11/12/11

JANM Target Free Family Saturday

If you want to participate in a workshop, make sure to sign up ahead of time!


Enjoy a day of fun for the whole family. This month’s theme is green living. Keep checking back for more information!

Generously sponsored by Target, these special Saturdays are filled with fun activities giving families unique ways to learn, play, and grow together.”

On the schedule for Saturday:

“11AM – Doors open

11AM – Recycled puppets drop-in activity. Create your own puppets made from recycled resources including bottles, chopsticks, plastic utensils, cardboard, and other materials (while supplies last)

12PM – Growing green drop-in activity. Kids and families will have the opportunity to grow small plants to take home (while supplies last)

12PM – Paper Mache Planet Earth workshop. Create and paint your very own planet Earth out of paper mache (limit 20 students)

1 – 4PM – Kidding Around the Kitchen will help you make your own “Save the Planet” seasonal salad

1PM – Paper mache planet Earth workshop (limit 20 students)

1PM – Mottainai* Tenegui* workshop. Create a colorful tenegui towel of your own (limit 25 students)

2PM – Special performance! “Order to Go” is a fun show focusing on the environmental impact of single-use take out containers and utensils!

3PM – Paper mache planet Earth workshop (limit 20 students)

3PM – Mottainai Tenegui workshop (limit 25 students)

3:30PM – Learn the “mottainai” dance

4PM – Doors close”

  • WHERE: Japanese American National Museum
    369 East First Street, Los Angeles California 90012
  • WHEN: Saturday, 11/12/11, 11am-4pm

Production of “A Bird Returning Home Without Its Wings” – LA, 8/13/11

A Bird Returning Home Without Its Wings

“This Pan Pacific production of “A Bird Returning Home Without Its Wings” seeks to present a mix of horror and hope as the Comfort Women struggle to return to their lives after their traumatic years as sex slaves. The performance will be in Korean with some English.

Through the end of World War II an estimated 200,000 to 400,000 WOMEN (as young as 10 years old) were forced into sexual slavery. Children from across the Pacific Netherlands and Canada were taken by the Japanese military and placed into “sex” camps, often raped over 30 times a day.

The victimization of women continues to this day. From the stoning of women in the Middle East to the trafficking of children and women as sex slaves, it remains important to share these horrific stories so that we may never repeat them. It is only through the active reminders of our tragic past can we move beyond them. This special presentation of a celebrated production of “A Bird Returning Home Without Its Wings” is a small step in that direction.

All proceeds from the production will go to the “War & Women’s Human Rights Center” in South Korea. The center works with the Korean Council for Women on behalf of all the countless women who suffered at the hands of the Japanese Military during World War 2.”

  • WHERE: Los Angeles City Community College, Camino Theatre
    855 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
  • WHEN: Saturday, 8/13/11, 5-6:30pm
  • HOW MUCH: $20 General Admission, $15 Senior/Student; all proceeds go to the War and Human Rights Center in South Korea

Slaying The Dragon Reloaded: Slicing & Dicing Representations of Asian Women in the Media – N. Hollywood, 6/23/11

Slaying the Dragon Reloaded

“SLAYING THE DRAGON RELOADED: ASIAN WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND looks at the past 25 years of representation of Asian and Asian American women in U.S. visual media, from blockbuster films and network television, to Asian American cinema and YouTube, to explore whats changed, whats been recycled, and what we can hope for in the future; (29 minutes, 45 seconds).—–

THE DIRECTORS FOOTNOTE extends the discussion of topics that could not be elaborated on in a 30 minute video, such as transracial adoption, Asian popular culture and Asian Americans, and African American support for Asian American popular culture work; (12 minutes, 15 seconds).—–

Followed by short discussion with UC-Berkeley Profesor Dr. Elaine Kim (Writer, Director, Producer)—–Executive Producer: ASIAN WOMEN UNITED.—–

This film first premiered at the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.—–To Reserve:”

Queer Pacific Islanders Sustaining Community – SF, 6/17/11-6/18/11

Queer Pacific Islanders Sustaining Community

“In the 2008 Prop 8 campaign to ban same sex marriage in California, Samoan/Tongan and other Pacific Islander communities were demonized by the media and U.S. based churches—that many Pacific Islanders are loyal members of—as homophobic fanatics who hate gay people.

In Sustaining Community: Queer Pacific Islanders Shaping California, Queer Pacific Islanders from Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia take front and center stage to dispel these myths and present narratives of Queer Pacific Islanders’ struggles to proliferate and protect queer communities, fight for the betterment of Pacific Islanders and tell of their battles for social justice. The narratives are told through traditional and modern dance, dialogues and monologues, poetry, original music and video.”

Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference – Oakland, 6/24/11

Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference

“We expect over 150 youth from all backgrounds will converge to learn about important topics that affect them. This year’s topics, chosen by youth who are part of Lao Family’s Year-round youth program will include:

* Human Trafficking- What is it, how does it affect my community, and what can I do about it?
* Healthy Living and Nutrition- Americans’ waistlines are getting bigger which leads to major health problems. Some people go to potentially dangerous drugs or eating disorders to look fit, but are hurting their body. What can I do to keep myself healthy?
* Government Budget- I keep hearing about government budget cuts at the federal, state and local levels. Why is this happening and how does it affect me and my family, school, neighborhood, etc? What can I do?


* Day to hang out with friends,
* meet new people,
* learn some stuff that really matters,
* Free T-shirts,
* Free Food (YUM!)”

Korean Film Screening: The Marine Never Returned – LA, 6/23/11

The Marine Never Returned

“The Marine Never Returned (1963, Lee Man-hee)
War/Drama, 110 minutes
Not Rated

During the Korean War (1950-1953), a marine squad marches north fighting off Chinese army. The marines die one after another. Among them are friends from a small village. Only one of them survives the Chinese attack. He is sent to a hospital where his fiancee, a nurse, is waiting for him. This film depicts barbarism of the war, dying people and touching friendship among soldiers.”

Nuchi du Takara Memorial Commemoration of Battle of Okinawa – SF, 6/18/11

“Please join this event commemorating the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. Ceremony with Reverend Ronald Nakasone. Performances by Nakayoshi (Okinawan singing) group, Genyukai (Okinawan sanshin 3 string lute music), Colin Ehara (spoken word), Alton Chung (storytelling), special collaboration between Kinuko Mototake (Okinawan dance), Wesley Ueunten (sanshin), Melody Takata (taiko) and Francis Wong (saxophone). A premiere screening of the Nuchi du Takara Oral History Project will follow in the NJAHS Peace Gallery.”

Exhibition – Struggling Cities: From Japanese Urban Projects in the 1960s – LA, 6/11/11-7/31/11

Struggling Cities

“The U.S. Premier of Struggling Cities, an important traveling exhibition commissioned by The Japan Foundation, will canvas the unique social and physical structure of post-war and post-occupation cities of Japan in the 1960s.”

    244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 505, Los Angeles, CA 90012
    George J. Doizaki Gallery
  • WHEN: Saturday, 6/11/11 – Sunday, 7/31/11