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My Grandmother’s House & Native American Storytelling – LA, 12/3/11

My Grandmother's House & Native American Storytelling

“Native American storyteller, Loren Russell, tells how a Japanese American Concentration Camp on his Reservation made an impact in the lives of his people.”

  • WHERE: Japanese American National Museum
    369 East First Street, Los Angeles California 90012
  • WHEN: Saturday, 12/3/11, 2-4pm
  • HOW MUCH: Museum Admission

The Shifting Grounds of Race by Scott Kurashige – LA, 7/30/11

The Shifting Grounds of Race

“Los Angeles has attracted intense attention as a “world city” characterized by multiculturalism and globalization. Yet, little is known about the historical transformation of a place whose leaders proudly proclaimed themselves white supremacists less than a century ago. In The Shifting Grounds of Race, Scott Kurashige highlights the role African Americans and Japanese Americans played in the social and political struggles that remade twentieth-century Los Angeles.

Linking paradigmatic events like Japanese American internment and the Black civil rights movement, Kurashige transcends the usual “black/white” dichotomy to explore the multiethnic dimensions of segregation and integration. Racism and sprawl shaped the dominant image of Los Angeles as a “white city.” But they simultaneously fostered a shared oppositional consciousness among Black and Japanese Americans living as neighbors within diverse urban communities.

This extraordinarily ambitious book adds new depth and complexity to our understanding of the “urban crisis” and offers a window into America’s multiethnic future.”

  • WHERE: Japanese American National Museum in LA
  • WHEN: Saturday, 7/30/11, 2pm
  • HOW MUCH: Free with museum admission

HiddenLA’s Little Tokyo Scavenger Hunt & Neighborhood Hang – LA, 7/2/11

Hidden LA Little Tokyo

“Think you know Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo District? Well, you’ll see its streets very differently by the time we’re done with you! 🙂

Our event will begin with participants dividing up into teams of four (don’t worry about showing up alone or in a small group, half of the fun is meeting new people!). A list of newly updated scavenger hunt clues will be handed out (easier clues will be provided for children) and teams will be sent on a mission to explore a contained four or five block area.

At a pre-ordained time, participants will be asked to meet back up at a specified location where we will talk about what was discovered as we learn more about the history behind the locations which were just explored.

Tour cost does not include food or drink (or optional small scavenger hunt trinkets we might suggest you purchase to make the day more fun). Be aware, we are currently working on restaurant and bar discounts for tour participants. :D”

  • WHERE: The steps in front of the Japanese American National Museum
    369 East First Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • WHEN: Saturday, 7/2/11, 11:30am (Check-in begins 11am)
  • HOW MUCH: Tickets range from $0-$20 depending on age; see event website
  • MORE INFO: info

Moon Tides: A Book Event with Photographer Brenda Paik Sunoo – SF, 6/29/11

Moon Tides: a Book Event

“Brenda Paik Sunoo’s Moon Tides: Jeju Island Grannies of the Sea is an homage to the haenyeo-the elderly women divers who range in age from 39 to 93 years old who live on Jeju Island, Korea. Through photographs and interviews, Moon Tides introduces the reader to these extraordinary women in their own voices and in their own environments.

A selection of Brenda’s images were included in IMOW’s juried photography exhibition, Picturing Power & Potential. Her submission, “Jeju Grannies of the Sea”, won the Picturing Power & Potential Community Choice Award.″

  • WHERE: International Museum of Women
    Russ Building, 12th floor
    235 Montgomery Street, Suite 1200, San Francisco, CA
  • WHEN: Wine reception/check-in, 5:30pm; Author talk, 6pm
  • HOW MUCH: $10 general admission; $5 museum members; RSVP required

Authors on Asia: Vanishing Traditions – Pasadena, 6/26/11

Vanishing Traditions

“Bea Roberts, author of Vanishing Traditions: Textiles and Treasures from Southwest China, speaks on the village life, traditional customs and costumes of the people of Guizhou. Program is co-sponsored by TGLAinc.

RSVP to the Museum Store at ext. 20.”

Slaying The Dragon Reloaded: Slicing & Dicing Representations of Asian Women in the Media – N. Hollywood, 6/23/11

Slaying the Dragon Reloaded

“SLAYING THE DRAGON RELOADED: ASIAN WOMEN IN HOLLYWOOD AND BEYOND looks at the past 25 years of representation of Asian and Asian American women in U.S. visual media, from blockbuster films and network television, to Asian American cinema and YouTube, to explore whats changed, whats been recycled, and what we can hope for in the future; (29 minutes, 45 seconds).—–

THE DIRECTORS FOOTNOTE extends the discussion of topics that could not be elaborated on in a 30 minute video, such as transracial adoption, Asian popular culture and Asian Americans, and African American support for Asian American popular culture work; (12 minutes, 15 seconds).—–

Followed by short discussion with UC-Berkeley Profesor Dr. Elaine Kim (Writer, Director, Producer)—–Executive Producer: ASIAN WOMEN UNITED.—–

This film first premiered at the 29th San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival.—–To Reserve:”

Lecture: Early Photographic Process – Pasadena, 6/18/11

Early Photographic Process

“Artist and photographer Luther Gerlach leads a live demonstration of the early photographic process as seen in the current exhibition Through the Colonial Lens. He will share his collection of large format cameras and develop a wet plate image in the courtyard.”

Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference – Oakland, 6/24/11

Southeast Asian Youth Leadership Empowerment Conference

“We expect over 150 youth from all backgrounds will converge to learn about important topics that affect them. This year’s topics, chosen by youth who are part of Lao Family’s Year-round youth program will include:

* Human Trafficking- What is it, how does it affect my community, and what can I do about it?
* Healthy Living and Nutrition- Americans’ waistlines are getting bigger which leads to major health problems. Some people go to potentially dangerous drugs or eating disorders to look fit, but are hurting their body. What can I do to keep myself healthy?
* Government Budget- I keep hearing about government budget cuts at the federal, state and local levels. Why is this happening and how does it affect me and my family, school, neighborhood, etc? What can I do?


* Day to hang out with friends,
* meet new people,
* learn some stuff that really matters,
* Free T-shirts,
* Free Food (YUM!)”

Meditation by Dr. Barry Kerzin – LA, 6/26/11

Meditation by Dr. Barry Kerzin

“The Japanese American Cultural and Community Center is pleased to host Dr. Barry Kerzin, Buddhist monk, teacher, medical doctor and former assistant professor of medicine at the University of Washington.

Living in Dharamsala for over 20 years, he provides medical care to high priest lamas as well as to the under-privileged. Dr. Kerzin spends five months annually teaching Buddhist science and modern science in India, Japan, Mongolia, North America and Europe.

Dr. Kerzin will present the spiritually uplifting and intellectually challenging workshop, where he will review the positive affects meditation can have on our outlook on life and long-term health.”

  • WHERE: JACCC Garden Room
    244 S. San Pedro Street, Suite 505, Los Angeles, CA 90012
  • WHEN: Sunday, 6/26/11, 1-3pm
  • HOW MUCH: $20 suggested donation; reservations highly recommended

Chinatown Branch Library Celebrates 90th Anniversary – SF, 6/11/11

Judy Yung

“Please join us as Judy Yung, a pioneer in Chinese American history and former branch manager of the Chinatown Branch Library, gives an illustrated talk on the history of the Chinatown Branch Library. Opened in 1921, the Chinatown Branch Library is celebrating 90 years of service to the community this year.

Program will be conducted in English and Cantonese. Light refreshments will be provided.”