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LAST CALL: Calling young Pinays for Speed Femtoring with the 100 Most Influential Filipina American Women in the U.S. – SF, 10/14/11

Speed Femtoring: A historic event in the the Filipino American Community.  A gathering of 200 women – Femtors and Femtees – getting together to lay the groundwork for the next generation of Filipino American leaders.

Do you know a young Pinay who might appreciate an opportunity for career femtoring by accomplished Filipina women?  We are looking for high school seniors, college and grad students and young professionals trying to navigate their careers.  This is a FREE event for young Pinays.

FWN is also calling accomplished FWN Members and FWN100 awardees from the ’07 and ’09 Groups.  Sign up as a FEMTOR and partner with a young FEMTEE and influence her life.

Speed Femtoring is a networking event at which femtees / protégés can ask experienced professionals those “everything-you’ve-always-wanted-to-know-but-didn’t-know-whom-to-ask” questions. Femtees / protégées will have the opportunity to interact with up to 12 Femtors during the course of the event. “

PAWA Workshop: How to Submit Your Work for Publication – SF, 7/30/11

PAWA Workshop: How to Submit Your Work for Publication

“What to Bring: yourselves, your questions, your current submissions packets, your current submissions calls resources.

Who Should Attend: Aspiring and emerging writers with limited or no experience with the submissions process, or writers with some submissions experience, who would like to refine or clarify their own current processes.

For more information, please email:

I have the space reserved from 10 am until 2 pm, and will use that entire time if necessary, to present, to discuss, to answer questions.

The rationale for this workshop: For some time now, I have been receiving a volume of email questions, many people asking me how to submit work, how to make a submission, how to determine where to submit. There is no single or quick way to answer these questions adequately, especially via email, especially when I do not know the writer and/or his/her publication experience/history.

I am therefore conducting a workshop via PAWA, so that I can have the space to answer these questions in a non-virtual forum, but first, break it down: What are the do’s and don’t’s. In other words, what are our commandments, and what are our cardinal sins.

* I will compile and present resources, places where I find submissions calls.
* We will discuss how and where we decide to submit our work.
* We will discuss literary journals, magazines, anthologies. We will discuss print and online publication.
* We will talk about cover letters and bio statements.
* We will read a number of sample submissions calls carefully for the directions that we must follow. What does each publication require? For example: What are their page limits and formatting specifics, what are their policies on snail mail versus online submissions, on unpublished or previously published work?
* We will discuss ways of recording/tracking our submissions.
Finally, we will Q&A until we’re good and done.” -Barbara Jane Reyes

Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City – LA, 7/14/11 – 7/17/11

Little Tokyo Design Week

“Little Tokyo Design Week: Future City (LTDW) celebrates the power of cutting edge design and technology now emerging from Japan and its intersection, with current trends materializing in Los Angeles. Design’s ability to move us towards a more sustainable and creative urban lifestyle is at the heart of this five-day festival, which will include exhibitions, symposiums, film screenings, and designer installations.”

MIX for Japan: Fundraiser and Professional Networking Event – Newport Beach, 6/30/11

MIX for Japan

“MIX for Japan hosted by GE Affinity Groups
Fundraiser & Professional Networking Event for Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Relief

Complimentary Appetizers
Happy Hour Menu Extended for entire event (Portion of proceeds donated to the relief fund)
Fundraising Raffles for lunch w/ Senior GE Leaders & restaurant/retailer giftcards

HOSTED BY: GE Asian Pacific American Forum SoCal, GE Women’s Network, GE African American Forum, GE Hispanic Forum, GE GLBTA

COMMUNITY SPONSOR: Asian Professional Exchange

CHARITY: AmeriCares for Japan Relief”

    4647 MacArthur Blvd.
    Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • WHEN: Thursday, 6/30/11, 6-9pm
  • HOW MUCH: $10 Donation at Door (CASH OR CHECK ONLY – All proceeds donated to AmeriCares for Japan Relief)
    Plus free appetizers!

Norcal Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Mixer – SF, 1/26/11, 6-8pm

“Local style appetizers, mix and mingle with old and new friends who share our belief of Business with Aloha, featuring the usual Wiki Wiki drill where you will have 2-minutes to pitch your business and ideas to the group. We will also be providing some nice raffle prizes.”

Fil Am Chamber of Commerce Mega Mixer – 1/26/11, OC

“Find Business Leads and Resources, Connect with Business Professionals, Prizes, food, full bar and more.”

You had me at “food.”