LA/Orange County

Los Angeles and Orange County are very diverse, with large populations of Asian/Pacific Islander Americans. Though API communities and organizations may be hard to locate in the LA/Orange County area, they are treasured entities that organize and sponsor many well-received and much-anticipated events. The area itself has much to offer in the way of venues for such events, and the wide base of APIs in the area provides much potential for their success. The LA/Orange County API scene may not be as visible as that in the Bay area, but our goal here is to help change that and publicize these organizations and their events so they will garner more support and visibility.

LA/OC Google Calendar

Joy’s side note:

For some reason, LA/Orange County doesn’t seem to have API communities as vibrant or as visible as in the bay area, despite being every bit as diverse. Perhaps it’s because, unlike the bay, SoCal was not a major point of entry for immigrants during the early part of the century. We didn’t have an Angel Island, so the immigrants here often don’t go as far back generation-wise. I could be completely off, but the general feeling I got growing up here was that we’re still in the middle of exploring and establishing our identities. Plus, it’s a lot more liberal in the bay, so expressing ethnic pride there is a lot more accepted than it is here. (Especially in Orange County!)

If you look deep enough, though, there are tons of organizations and events to get involved with, and there is a strong API community–you just have to dig for them sometimes. I wish I knew about them when I was growing up, but that’s what this website is for!

(If you have any thoughts on any of this, I’d love to hear them! All of the things I said are completely based on my own thoughts and observations from having been born and raised in the LA/Orange County area, and I’m sure people have had differing experiences.)

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