It all started with our frustration with the lack of updated, centralized information on API events in California. We would also be sad when event turnout would be low, and we thought that if only more people had known about it, they would have come. Thus, Some Kind of Asian, your APIcenter for arts and entertainment, was born!

Why Some Kind of Asian? Well, when we were kids (and even now sometimes), people could never tell what ethnicity we were, but they always knew that we were “some kind of Asian.” We  thought that would be the name of our band, but since we never made one, we thought it’d be a good name for this blog too. It makes a statement about how a lot of times, people can’t tell Asians apart, which creates some desire among us to differentiate between ethnic groups, and yet we Asian Americans still stick together and make aggregated communities because of strategic essentialism and stuff… plus, it’s catchy. =)

What is API? API stands for “Asian American/Pacific Islander.” We’re trying to serve all the communities therein–although once in awhile we may post events that don’t relate specifically but still catch our interest.

One more note: we try our best to research all the latest happenings, but we can’t be everywhere at once. For now, we’re focusing on the bay area and LA/Orange County because those are the places we’ve lived in. If you want to let us know about something, please drop us a line!

Eileen is terribly uncoordinated and frequently walks into walls on accident. She studies both Piano Performance and Keyboard Collaborative Arts with an Anthropology minor at a teeny tiny university. She doesn’t know what she will pursue after college, but immensely enjoys writing, music, and anthropology. This explains the existence of her other blog, Lies My Piano Tells Me.

Joy weighs 87 pounds and still wears clothing from the kids section. She just graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in Southeast Asian Studies and Theater, and is pursuing acting and writing for television and stage (though she loves ALL kinds of writing!). But yes, that explains the sheer amount of theater events over other things, plus Filipino events. (Sorry! Sort of…) She has another blog at jkreg.tumblr.com, if you want to check it out!

Sheena is Indian, American, and British and seems to be constantly experiencing identity crises as a result. Her adoration for cute cats, babies, and monkeys go beyond what is vaguely normal; indeed, you will often find her meowing for no reason at random objects. She is extremely passionate about issues related to post-colonialism, race, feminism, intersectionality, and South Asian mental health.  Sheena graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science specializing in International Relations. She blogs here: http://sheenavasani.wordpress.com/

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